Friday, December 24, 2010

Nasi Padang River Valley's The Ayam Goreng n Sambal Sotong

Let me give some excuses before start off our blog today. This food outlet is Really, Really One of My Favorite Eating House. Whenever I got a chance to pass by during I will stop here and have it, for sure.

" The Havenly River Vally Nasi Padang"

Don't believe me if you haven't try out. It's really one of the rare authentic Nasi Padang in Singapore. Check It out...


The first dish I like to mention about is the Ayam Kurma or Korma (Ayam means Chicken In Bahasa Indonesia and Malay. Kurma or Korma is originate from India). The taste of it is so present and not spicy. Little sweet little spicy, you will feel the fragrant of it when it passed in to your mouth. Most of customers will order this...yummy


Another wonderful dish, one of the signature dish is Sambal Sotong, Chilli Squid. Ya..definitely spicy hot for those who can take it, you will feel the fresh heaven fresh squid in fresh chilli sause topping. will not forget this.


Last but not least the Ayam Goreng or Deep Fried Chicken, Indonesian style...for this dish alone I give 6 out of 5. It"s a simple fried chichken dish that you can find every in Nasi Padang Food Store, but no one can cook to the taste like they cook. Soooo....Heavenly Fresh Simple but wonderful taste...MUST about it, make me hungry..bye for now.

I gave it:
Taste: 6
Preparation & Display: 4
Freshness: 4.5
Cleanliness & Service: 3.5
Atmosphere: 3.5
Price: 3
Rated: 4.1 out of 5


Nasi Padang River Valley Pte Ltd (since 1998)
54 Zion Road Singapore 247779 (shop house)
opposite Great World City Shopping Centre Map

Open: Tue-Sun 10.30Am-9.00Pm

Tel: 6734-3383
Fax: 6734-1479